Scott Bateman and King Features Syndicate part ways

The trend continues in the print industry of censorship. Although I am personally not the biggest fan of Scott Bateman I do admire his tenacity and willingness to say anything. Bateman submits about ten of his strips to King Features Syndicate every month but has noticed over the past few months that fewer and fewer of these have been distributed in the “The Best and the Wittiest” package distributed by King. The King’s Editor in Chief goes on to say that the parting was not due to political differences but it is hard to ignore that many of the strips not distributed have a more liberal slant to them. He does go on to make a valid point though. Bateman’s editorials can be excessive and many times I stop reading half way through and skip to the punch line. If this is the true excuse for parting and the lack of income is a hit on Bateman’s income then maybe he should think about getting to his point with fewer words and be more pictorial.


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