Iron Man Challenge Slashdotted

The ongoing efforts of 64 web comic artists to prove they can stick to a schedule has been reported on in the ultimate geek source for news, (

As Daku posted before, the challenge is for all the cartoonists participating to update their strips at least once every 24 hours. If a single update is missed then that artist is out of the competition. The last cartoonist updating on time at the end gets the pot, which is now up to $1,120.00.

If the cartoonists remain on time this competition could potentially continue for years to come. The point to the whole thing, however, is to promote a more stringent dedication to a stated update schedule. Web comics missing updates and falling behind schedule has been a recurring issue for a lot of readers and I think this public display of dedication is a great way of bringing creators together to address the situation.

Place your bets now.


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