Archie Comics Coming to Cell Phones

Nazara Technologies, a mobile phone content provider based in India, has signed a deal with Archie Comics Inc. ( to provide comic panels and full strips to cell phones. Betty, Veronica, Archie, and the gang will be part of the growing market of mobile phone content. Here is a quote from the official press release:

As a result of the agreement, Nazara secures an exclusive license to develop content based on the Archie Comics characters for global wireless and mobile phone market distribution. The dealprovides Nazara Technologies with access to over 60 years of comics from the archives of Archie Comic Publications, Inc.

Comics moving to cell phones. The digital potential of comics art just expanded to yet another realm. Now that I think about it this progression is sort of obvious. The screen on a mobile phone is just about the right size for a comic strip panel.


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