Review of True North

For our final Eyeskream web comic we have True North. Written by Doug Curtis, who brought us Flying Ferret, this strips is about Swat the Mosquito awaking in the closet of Bucky the Golden Gopher to find that he must cope with winter. This is truly a gem of a comic with all the potential to be great. Generally the writing is silly and fun and is more a gag strip with most of the jokes having nothing to do with Swat being a mosquito but more with living in the North. Where the writing could improve is Doug does not go far enough along this vein. Since True North is a web comic about living in the North then those interested in reading would love to read about jokes which are North specific. Where the strip truly shines is in the simplicity of the sketch work. The drawing is classic and yields a style very appropriate to the content of the strip. With such great artwork the strip really should be enlarged as the small panel, frames, and bubbles make it difficult to read and view.


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