Questionable Content

Here is a surprising strip by Jeph Jacques which I was led to by Scott’s blog. Questionable Content might be the best new strip I’ve read this year with many, many qualities I look for in a daily updated webcomic. The story revolves around Marten, a 20-something music nerd, his anthropomorphic PC named Pintsize, and Faye, who accidentally burned her apartment down while trying to make toast. The obvious plot line is the interaction of the seemingly plutonic relationship between Marten and Faye. There are also many side plots such as the Indie scene and making fun of Goths.

The strip is in color and the artwork is pretty good if not a little loose. It is obviously done by pencil and quickly but as you go through the archives you’ll find Jeph becomes more comfortable and consistent. There is good use of shading and the line work is crisp and all around excellent. What truly gets your attention is the writing. Jeph has an amazing ability to throw in somewhat obscure references without making it the main joke. To top it off there were quite a few strips, such as this three episode one, where it took me at least a minute to stop laughing. Expect to see this on one of our podcasts soon.


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