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At the top of my list of strips to read is Ctrl+Alt+Del. This is a relatively young strip and has recently come into its own with the strip creator Tim Buckley going full time. Much like Penny Arcade, of which Tim is annoyed to be compared to, the strip focuses on the lives of two gamers and the video game industry. This is were most similarities end as whenever the humor is not directly related to a gaming it will be concerned with the daily lives of its main characters, Ethan and Lucas. It is mostly situational humor and can be quite silly at times. The artwork is excellent and is quite obvious that the creator has a background in doing exactly what he loves. The most surprising part is in three years the artwork has been superb with the only changes being the style.

My only complaint is exactly why I like the Ctrl+Alt+Del. It is 100% non-serious and rarely makes any social commentaries. There are no biting retorts or obscure references for me to think about. When reading the script there is no need to read the post at the beginning which confuses me to as why the home page has the post as the first thing you see. The only research one might have to do is all the l337 talk that pops up every once in awhile. All in all this is a superb strip and worth spending a few hours reading through the archives.


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