Dungeons and Dragons and Webcomics (Part 3)

In today’s episode of this series, we’re going to take a look at how the meteoric rise of Dungeons and Dragons in popular culture from the 80’s to today is reflected in the comics and cartoons that sprung up around … Continue reading


Review ~OF~ The Superfogeys by Brock Heasley

If there’s one thing this webcomic denizen loves more than anything else in his stories, it’s superheroes. Fantastic and iconic, these figures of American lore make us want to be more than we are, they inspire us to be better, and they live their lives to make our world a safer place.

How shocked was I, then, to find someone has decided to depict these dooers-of-good well past their prime. Brock Heasley is (to my knowledge) the first creator to base an entire comic series out of a retirement home (here appropriately named Valhalla) for superheroes. With his strip, The Superfogeys, we are offered a glimpse into the life of those fantastic adventurers once their spirits and/or flesh have been made weak. What this entails is great fun, good laughs, and a cast of characters that are at once ridiculous and pitiable, extraordinary and plain, and full of life in their own particular ways.


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