Digital Strips Podcast 247 – Review: The Ghosts of Pineville (Pick Your Class)

OK ladies and gents, I’m back in charge of the editing/posting for a month or so, which means that you’re not going to get the luxurious, weak-kneed posts you’ve been getting from that namby-pamby Jason fellow. No, I’m going to hone you into a finely tuned Web comic loving machine with my spartan style of hard love.

We reviewed a Web comic, you can listen to it here.


Ok, that may not be enough, even for me.

Curse you Jason, curse you and your stupid face. Continue reading


Talking *to* webcomics – Part 2

In our celebration around the show’s 500th episode, we looked back at some of the Digital Strips interview Alumni – people who, since their appearance on the show, had gone on to either great webcomics success, or [INDEFINITE HIATUS]. Today, … Continue reading


‘My Giant Nerd Boyfriend’ gets an animated Youtube Series

If you’ve ever been kicking around the ‘slice of life’ genre page on Line Webtoon, then chances are you’re familiar with the wildly-popular webcomic My Giant Nerd Boyfriend by Fishball. After all, with nearly twenty MILLION subs and over 320 episodes, it’s kind … Continue reading